This campaign takes place in the Council of Wyrms setting, a vast chain of islands ruled by more dragons than you can shake a stick at. The story goes that Io, the Ninefold Dragon, saw his children warring against each other and spilled his own blood to create a home where they could coexist in peace. Needless to say, peace is a fleeting state of affairs. You’ll play as a young dragon, newly hatched but quickly growing in power.

This campaign is on-line only, using the browser-based Roll20 virtual tabletop and Skype. Familiarity with AD&D 2nd edition and/or Council of Wyrms is not required, but having the books would help immensely. We run Saturdays at 8:30 PM EDT (-4 UTC).

Check out the Playstyle page for more information about how I roll (yuk yuk).

Council of Wyrms

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